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Quality Control

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Quality Assurance for Warehoused Finished Products
  • The starch is placed on the pallet and inventory management is strictly strengthened.
    The produced starch is piled up orderly on the pallet to ensure moisture-proof and safe storage. Batch management is strengthened and warehouse-in and warehouse-out follows the principle of “First-in First-out” (FIFO).
  • Warehouse Thermometer and Hygrometer
    Real time record and summarize the temperature and humidity of the warehouse. Analyze how the warehouse temperature impacts on the starch and keep continuous improvement.
  • Rat-proof Devices  
    The warehouse has such rat-proof devices as rat repeller, glue rat board and rat cage) to ensure safe storage of starch.
  • Continuous Improvement for Packaging Material
    The packaging materials and their layouts are continuously improved to ensure moisture-proof, tidiness and product safety and thus to satisfy customers’ demands.

Quality Assurance for Warehoused Finished Product
Starch storage management
  • Ex-factory Inspection for Finished Product
  • Use belt conveyors for conveying finished products.
    Use belt conveyors for product loading to reduce packaging damage and greatly increase work efficiency.
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