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Production Process and Technology Advantages of Huaou Potato Starch:

a. Raw Material Guarantee: Use excellent potatoes from virus-free seed potatoes that grow in sandy soil at high latitude areas.

b. production process equipments use the most advanced full-cyclone, fully-automatic control and fully-enclosed Swedish Larsson processes.

c. The cyclone process uses particles (small and large sizes) separation technique. The particles are purified by gravity classification to ensure a high purity.

d. Starch washing process uses American reverse osmosis deionized pure water to ensure a high viscosity.

e. The fully-enclosed process can effectively guarantee the luster and microbiological indicators.

f. Use five-class washing, vibration selection impurities removal and multilevel desanding processes to ensure purity and ash content indicators superior to other products.

g. Use flash evaporation low-temperature pulse drying technology that realizes little shearing to the starch granule and little injury in high temperature.

h. The flash drying front-end uses multilevel air filtration equipment to increase product purity.

i. The bolting process uses food-grade 100-mesh steel wire gauze ultrasonic vibrating screen to ensure foreign materials control for products.

j. Use 15000 gauss rotating magnetic bar for demagnetization treatment for bolted products to ensure no residue of magnetic material.

k. Use metal detector for foreign material detection to ensure the control of metal foreign material of the products.

l. The production technicians with over 20 practical operation experiences went to Sweden for full training, which ensures exquisite product quality.

m. We have complete sets of advanced Swedish quality control and product testing equipments, processes and techniques.

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